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– Reviews –

Gita Aug 27 2016

“Awesome guy, awesome food! We had wonderful time, highly recommended.”


Revital Aug 27 2016

“We had great experience!”

Micah Aug 26 2016

“Urbano, the Wizard of On. He boldly goes where no man has gone before with flavors, textures and tastes; including the dark side. A true genius.”

Lee Jul 30 2016

“7th time at eatwith, 4th at Urbano, need we say more?”


Tolik Jul 17 2016

“Visiting Urbano was a surprise present for my girlfriend. We went on the day off and here is what she has to say:

“To be honest, molecular gastronomy always sounded scary to me, and even my natural curiosity did not make me once to try that strange creation.
Eating with Urbano was a surprise for my birthday, one of the greatest presents I’ve ever recieved. The mix of science, culinary and magic is just in a right proportion!
So if you are intrigued by molecular cuisine, looking for a new food experiences or just want to have a great meal – Urbano is the place”


Eitan Jun 26 2016

“The food was beautifully presented and very special in taste, the host was very nice and interesting and in overall we had a great and unique experience.”


Ann Jun 21 2016

“Great experience, the food was just amazing. Urbano is experimenting with flavor combinations, adding surprising ingredients and serving the dishes in crazy form.:) Very welcoming host, his cuisine is a must try for any curious foodie.”


Dan Jun 18 2016

“The food was unbelievably special, with all the sophisticated ingredients, and unique methods of cooking. Urbano was very welcoming, kind and funny. I recommend-  Urbano!”