A nomad across Asia

Sandy beaches, clear sky (Sometimes) and color full markets. No, it’s not St.Maarten or Aruba, It’s Jejo, south Korea.


My first stop in my journey through Asia is Korea, south Korea to be exact. I gotta say, It’s not my first time in this magical place but this time it’s definitely different. I first visited Jeju in my previous life. Back then, i was more concerned on saving up to buy my magical lab equipment and by doing so i missed all the wonderful array of food Korea has to offer.


A turning point in my last visit was a small place in the Jeju market who served a Koren BBQ black pork (It’s not really black). It was the first time I had Korean BBQ and it was F*** amazing! The meal was accompanied with sorted vegetables pickled in Kimchi, Nappa cabbage, Sambal, Pickled radishes and a butfull of fresh greens. Except of all the conventional utensils we received at the a pair of scissors. As i wasn’t aware on the manners of eating I admiralty though its here to make your own salad so as a cook, i chopped all the greens, diced the vegetables and mixed everything with Sambal and kimchi. It took like a minute to do so till i noticed everybody in the table are looking at me like an idiot (I was). Eventually the dinner was mind blowing once everybody explined me what to do and the amount of food and sides reminded me Israel so much that i decided that night that one day, i will be back here again.





About Jeju:

So, i can go to Wikipedia and copy past some information for you about it but common, whats the point! In short, Jeju is and Island that belongs to South Korea. Being Kinda distant from Israelis and not a main tourist attraction it’s been relatively under the radar for us. Particularly in regards to the Korean cuisine. Now why Jeju you ask, Why the hell not?!?!


Except on being an island with sandy beaches, somewhat pleasant weather and a cool vibrant community Jeju is also a massive tourist attraction. Jeju is speckled with resorts and activities, Cruise ships from all over the world make sure to get here and by that making Jeju very international, Both in cuisine and in diversity of it’s population. For me, Jeju is the perfect place where i can explore the Magic of is Korean cuisine!

Because of its present population Jeju has a vibrant night life scene made possible by the young Koreans working here. Also a lot of Americans, Germans, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese have discovered the island and by that, Sprouting a growth in the culinary aspect to satisfy Locals and foreigners alike.


In this article i will provide recipes that you can share with your family and friends around the dinner table. Just and FYI, some recipes are complicated but it’s worth it. SO stay tuned, good things are coming our way.


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