Kimchi on gas

A quick and easy way to make Kimchi, without waiting for 5 months!


It’s been a week here, i think it’s about time to share a recipe. So without further a due here’s my funky, tangy, bright and quick to make Kimchi! But first, a few words about Siphons and CO2.

The thing about Kimchi is the way it’s being brined, Most kimchi recipes takes a few months of aging giving time to the brine the ability to penetrate the Cabbage. I don’t have time for that shit and i lack the patients. In my recipe we use a Siphon charged with Co2/ Nitros Oxide Cartridges to flash brine the cabbage in the kimchi mixture and it will give you awesome results in a few hours. Siphon Infusions are not a new thing, I use it in the lab to create infused liquors, juices and even infused fruits.  Now before you go start using it i urge you to read the next paragraph very carefully or u’ll create a stainless steel missile in your kitchen.




Y’all probably know Siphons from your local Cafe, it’s mainly used to incorporate air inside a fat saturated liquid such as Heavy cream. Have you ever made whipped cream using a bowl, cream and a whisk. So its the same, On steroids! Now if you need instructions for Siphons I’d recommend Google or just press Here!


Now, except infusions Siphons can do amazing things! I use it in the lab to create foam from just about anything. Just as long as your liquid has some sort of viscosity that when saturated with NO/Co2 can hold an aerated structure your golden. In the whipped cream case the fat is the one who holds the air bobbles in the mixture but take any liquid and with the correct Thickener (Hydrocolloid) I promise you, it’ll foam! But i’m getting distracted, so…Kimchi!!


Since I’m in Korea Iv’e noticed that Kimchi is a main ingredient in Korean Cuisine But when i researched recipes all of them required a long period of fermentation. By using this recipe you will have it done in only a few hours, when done. It can be stored for as much as you want. It’ll even get a better mature flavors. The recipe was adapted from Chefsteps and David Chang which is great but i believe this ones better!


So here it goes!


Mofo Kimchi

1 Green bright cabbage or Nappa cabbage


For the Rue:

230 G of water

30   G of rise flour

30   G of Brown sugar

Vegetables Mix:

200 G Radish Julian

100 G Carrot Julian

60 G Spring onion Finely chopped



50 G Minced garlic

60 G Ginger Minced

80 G White onion

115 G Fish Sauce

30 G Dried shrimps

230 G Korean Chili or Spicy Paprika or Shata powder

10    G Oyster sauce 


Ok Prep!


Cut Cabbage in half and salt between the leaves,make sure you all up in that cabbage! soak in water for 2 hours making sure that they are completely drenched. Give it a spin once in a while. Drain, dry and set aside.

Kimchi Rue:

Combine water and rice, cook on a low heat for 10 minutes till it bubbles up. Add the sugar and cook til its disolved

. Set aside and let cool.

When cold add to the Rue the following ingredients: Garlic, Ginger, Onion, Shrimps and powdered chili, mix it all up and add the fish sauce till u get a past like consistency. Now add all the chopped vegies we made before and mix well. Done!

to combine:

Chop Cabbage,mix our Kimchi paste and fill in a Siphon, Charge Siphon with two Nitros oxide Cartridges (1 Liter canister) and put in the fridge for 4 hours.

When ready, vent the Siphon when it’s upright whilst covering the nozzle with a towel, Slowly depressurize the Siphon by pressing the trigger. When completely depressurized transfer the Kimchi to any container and keep in the fridge as it’ll continue to ferment with time. That’s it, Share it with friends, use it in a BBQ or just make a awesome sandwich. 

Let me know what you think.


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