The Amazingly nutty Beurre noisette

The secret ingredient that will take your food to the next level

In the heart of the luxuries French cuisine lays the decadent brown butter. Join me in this journey and I’ll show how to form the base of any good dish and by that elevating your food the next level.


A bit Of science:

So, to produce great food we must first understand what is butter.

The common mistake is that butter is pure fat.this is far from the truth.

Butter holds three components: fat, water (15-17 %) and milk solids (Casains).

to create our luxuries buttery base we must first separate the water from the butter by heating it to a 100 C” in that points we

evaporate one component (water) out of the equation. 

Now, the difference between burned butter to brown butter is about 30 seconds, so listen up!

From the moment we reach 100 C” the water starts to evaporate and bubble, the water will look like big golden bubbles above the fat.

in that point we should look carefully and listen to the butter.

we are looking for a consistent crackling and bubbling sound. As soon as the butter stop’s boiling a it means that the water have left the building.

From this point and on we are cooking those Casains I spoke about. we’re looking for a slight nutty aroma from the butter but not a burned one.

Butter should have a golden amber color and as soon as we get it we take the pot away from the heat source to stop it from cooking.

Brown butter can be used to do a lot of things. In the lab, I cook my Kubana bread with truffle infused brown butter

My rib-eye is finished on pan and covered with brown butter to give it a meaty boost.

Sometimes, I even use it to make luxurious and velvety brown butter Mayo who to serve next to my Perfect burger.

One thing tho! When making brown butter always use a heavy pan. none of those none stick light ones.

And after you finish cooking it, strain the butter to keep those bitter pieces of Casaine from your Delicious food.

See ya!