Urbano Food lab

By On mishan

Good old fashion cookery with a bit of science thrown in for good measure.



Some of us are born with a calling.

From a young age I liked to explore the

kitchen and question conventional

methods of cooking.

My calling is to make people happy…

preferably with food. 

Welcome to my lab

My name is On. I come from a small country called Israel, maybe you’v heard about it(conflicts and stuff like that). Except being in the media attention Israel is a major producer of young aspiring like yours truly. I’ll have you know that in this small spec of a country we have almost all origins, from Yemenite to Germans and even Filipinos. As we take inspiration from all those amazing people that came here since the country was formed Israel got a vast spectrum of culinary influences that effected me as a young boy.


In the past years I’ve did so much things that led me to my calling. I’ve been in the army, lost myself in university’ studies the culinary arts and than abandoned it all for a life of a nomad around the world.

In the past 7 years i have travelled the globe searching for the perfect food experience! And whilst doing that i had always in my heart the desire to do something baring my mark.


Today. i give you Urbano. Come join me on a magical journey and i’ll promise you you’ll never look and cook the same again.