Kosher Misconception

For years I avoided cooking and creating Kosher food. I always believed that boundaries in the kitchen elements stands in the way of creativity. but lately I have learned that creativity comes to you when you least expect it. Although the lab is not actually Kosher in this menu I do my best to create an experience worthy of my guests.

– Opening Cocktail –

Dirty deeds
Lemon juice, Grilled Pineapple juice, Grilled grapefruit, pepper, Jack Daniels, Ginger liqueur, Agave. smoked Chipolata Peach foam.

– Bread Platter –

Preferment sourdough bread, Chipotl’e Ras el Hanut Spread, Geese Schmaltz, Charred eggplant




– Amuse bouche –

Twisted Cucumber
Crystal clear Cucumber gazpacho, Garlic thyme chips topped with cucumber, parsley, olive oil, lemon caviar and coriander cream. Almond cheese crumble.


– Second Course –

Kyoto Tel Aviv
Sea-bass Tartar, Fish sauce. chili, cucumber and peanuts topped with Shiitake Miso bubbles and savory rice cake




– Third course –

Nagasaki Sweetbread
Deep fried Sweetbread in Panko served in a steamed bun with Wasabi mayo, Kanpio, pickled onions, chili and soy fish sauce Kombu glaze


– Forth Course –

Chestnuts Cappuccino
Rat’a Potato cream, Smoked duck confit, Pickled chestnuts and a chestnut, Truffle and goose Valut’e.


– Main course –

Melting pot
Sous vide Rump steak braised in Olive oil and Thyme, Guinness shortbread, forbidden rice Ragu, Uzbekistan plums puree, Ras El Hanut biscuit finished with beef stock reduction.


– Pallet cleanser –

Chocolate throat punch
Dark chocolate, port, Cabernet, chili salty sorbet



– Dessert –

Trick or Treat
Five spice almond Malabi served with caramelized pumpkin, Cardamon meringue dusted with Persian lemon and pumpkin seed power bar.