Lean Mean Veggie Machine



Vegetables are a wonderful thing, I couldn’t imagine my kitchen without a ripe tomato, a voluptuous aubergine and a firm,bright orange carrot. As a chef i take pride in knowing no boundaries at my lab. By getting in to grips with the history and origins of our wonderful plentiful country i realize that cooking a vegetarian menu is inevitable!

– Opening Cocktail –

Islas de Muertes

Grilled mango, Chili, Lime and Mezcal topped with Chilli mango salty meringue


– First Course –

Jewish Dreams

Bree Cheese wrapped in smoked dehydrated dates grilled to its melting point. Served on top of Green salad dotted with pickled radish,
sun dried tomatoes and zucchini drizzled with Honey Vinaigrette and olive oil.
served with squared  french toast.


– Second Course –

Requiem to Bali

Fennel salad with micro greens, Thai basil, figs, wasabi, black Sesame,  sprouts and peanuts and soy vicegerent.
served with deep fried rice crunch and steamed bun.


– Third Course –

Back yard Tiramisu

Brown onion Mayo, Grilled beetroot compote, Edible smoked rocks, Pressure cooked Carrots,
asparagus and  beets served with a Burgul Tuil and Tasos olive soil

– Forth course –

Pixar Ratatouille

Eggplants, Tomatoes, zucchini cooked to perfection, served in a spiral of  bell pepper sauce and balsamic vinegar



– Main Course –

Carlo Kraco onion Rissoto

Basmatic rice Safran risotto, acidulated butter shallots,  Sous vide Forest mushroom,
golden syrup and Parmesan foam

– Pre Dessert –

Beet Chartreuse sorbet

Hendrix Gin, Green Chartreuse, Beet thyme Sorbet, Lime essence



– Gran Final –

Me face on the plate!

New York Cheese cake, Salt water toffee, Caramelized pretzels and strawberry in basil infusion