Summer Fling

“It was July in Tel Aviv , and the world smelled of roses. The sunshine was like powdered gold over the cold concrete buildings as a gatekeeper pushing the night away.”

Summer for a cook is like an open buffet on creativity. In Israel, we have all the produce one can imagine, The muses are practically waking in the street! Whether it’s a girl’s dress blowing in the wind or the sun’s warm glare upon the balconies of Rabin square.  For that i give you my Tel Aviv on a plate.

– Opening Cocktail –

Falud’e Supreme
Roses infused Ouzo, Lime, Yuzu, Kunaf’e foam,Dehydrated Pomegranates, Grated Persian lemon and crushed pistachios.


– Bread –

Preferment sour bread served with Foamed truffle infused butter, Eggplant Aioli, Arissa spread.


– Amuse Bouche –

Yuzo steamed cloud, lime Laban’e, Miso crumble, Seaweed cooked beetroot, buttermilk popcorn


– First Course –

Golan Mornings
Port, lime, chilli and roses infused watermellon, Za’atar Chips, Kafir lime dust, Labane’ Foam 


– Second Course –

Pandisala on steroids
Sea bass ceviche, chili, cucumber, peanuts, radish flowers, miso shiitake bubbles, powdered yogurt. Served with Manila bread role


– Main Course –

Origins plate
Pressed Pork belly, Apple lime cream, Thai spinach tuile, Rata potato chips dusted with Black garlic powder, Japanese Hokaido pumpkin pure’e


– Pallet cleanser –

Van Gogh Color plate
Beetroot lemony thyme sorbet, Hendrix Gin, Green Chartreuse, Lime caviar


– Pre dessert –

Dark side rises
Pate’ de foie Almond Macaroon, Aireted Truffle infused white Valrhona chocolate mousse.  Apple, Espresso and lime Marmalade  dusted with Vanilla sugar.


– Dessert –

Dani On Crack
Airated Chocolate mousse, salt caramelized walnuts, cranberry coulis served with yogurt and goji berries power bar