Since we know each other we have been playing with the idea of cooking a meal together. Today, after a year of foreplay and months of meticulous planning we finally made it. Dan and i give you our most perfect most amazing and utterly wonderful Junk food meal. In our dinner you will experience when our worlds collide. Ohh…you better come hungry!

– Opening Cocktail –

Dirty deeds
Lemon juice, Grilled Pineapple juice, Grilled grapefruit, pepper, Jack Daniels, Ginger liqueur, Agave. smoked Chipolata Peach foam.



Bread Platter

Kubana Braed, Chipotl’e Ras el Hanut Spread, Geese Schmaltz, Charred eggplant



– First Course –

Turf  Tartar

Beef tartar with aromatics, pine nuts and mint. served with bone marrow cream and smoked salted egg-yolk foam.



– Second Course –

Haifa Tel-Aviv

Steamed bun filled with seared Sweetbread, Fennel coleslaw, Chipotl’e past topped with garlic Confit



– Third Course –

McDonald’s on Steroids

The perfect beef burger served on a Brioche bun, Tomato gel, iceberg lettuce, condensed Pineapple and onion paper. Served with the perfect triple cooked chips



– Main course –

 Medieval Butchery

Slow cooked Viking style Duck served with Braised apples in Vanilla, Glazed beets, Portobello mushroom in home made honey and soy orange glaze



– Pallet cleanser –

Grilled grapefruit, orange, Martini and Campari sorbet. Served with cinnamon foam



– Dessert –

Surfers Paradise

Marshmallow Malabi, Grilled caramelized Pumpkin, Dates ice cream and Cardamon coriander sauce